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    • our network of websites was established in 1996 and ever since we promote exclusivly the Tourism Area of Ericeira with special attention to quality over quantity. Nowadays, many of our properties are booked way in advance by guests returning each year
      • your property is a holiday home in the historical center of Ericeira
      • your property is a Ericeira hillside holiday home with great seaview
      • your property is a superb countryside home close to Ericeira
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    • we celebrate renewable one year service contract plans, all plans are commission based
      • you only pay, if we generate a booking for you
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      • P-10:
        • get bookings from our network of sites
        • you manage your property
      • P-15:
        • get bookings from our network of sites and major global platforms
        • you manage your property
      • P-30:
        • get bookings from our network of sites and major global platforms
        • we take care of the complete managament of your property
our service
    • Media production

      • Professional photo shooting
      • Professsional video production and editing
      • Adapting existing media to site standards
      • Creating advert, writing property and area descriptions
      • Creating advert, including photos
      • Creating advert, including video
      • Multi-language support
    • Registration Process

      • Documents pre-filing check
      • Assistance during registration process and filing documents
      • Assistance in post-registration inspection
    • Portfolio and Calendar Management

      • Multi-platform calendar management, overbooking control with bidirectional calendar synchronization
      • Managing rates depending on seasons and national or international holidays and breaks
      • Optimising occupation via promotions, last minutes deals and alike
    • Booking Process and Guest interaction

      • Multi-platform calendar management, overbooking control with bidirectional calendar synchronization
      • Guest's Pre-booking Question and Answers
      • Guest's Pre-arrival Question and Answers
      • Guest key handling, Check-in and Check-out
      • Responsiveness to guests issues during their stay
      • Tourist Tax collection
      • Submission of the mandatory accommodation bulletin for foreign guests
      • Post stay follow-up, Analyse of Ratings and Reviews
    • Accounting and Bureaucratic Assistance

      • Preparation of data for billing and accounting
      • Processing the townhall tourist tax payment
      • Administering complaint book and electronic complaint book
      • Assistance with mandatory insurance
      • Assistance with contracting Internet and TV provider services
      • Response to unforseen action or inspection by the Authorities
      • Obtaining legal advice
    • Clean & Save implementation, Covid-19 protocol

      • establish internal protocol
      • establish hygiene plans, record keeping
      • stock control of sanitizing products, desinfectants, one time use utensils
      • stock control of protective gear for staff
      • stock control of protection gear for guests
      • train and empower the housekeping team
      • communicate hygiene protocol to guests
    • Clean & Save implementation, Covid-19 protocol

      • Housekeeping
      • Laundry
      • Routine maintenance, response to maintenance problems
      • Emergency response
      • Mandatory safety gear installation of smoke and CO detectors, fire extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit
      • Receive the annual fire safety inspection
      • Compilation of multilingual manuals for large appliances, TV and Internet
    • Property Advertising Online

      • Promotion management
      • ericeira.net international network family
      • Major global booking platforms
      • Advertisment on our FB page
    • International Travel Partners

      • Property promotion with national and international travel agencies
      • Property promotion with international event agencies
Our Offer in Detail
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