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CLEAN&SAFE Health Protocol

general information
The tourism ministry of Portugal (Tourism of Portugal) launched the campaign CLEAN&SAFE to assuring minimum procedures to adopt and encourage the recovery of the tourism sector at national and international level, strengthening everyone's confidence in the destination Portugal and its tourism resources.
establishing a protocol
Only tourism establishments who went through the oficial formation processes, signed the declaration of commitment and established an Internal Protocol which must be followed and must be available to our guests qualify to show the official badge "CLEAN&SAFE". Tourism of Portugal, in coordination with the competent authorities, will carry out random audits to the participating establishments.

COVID-19 Recommendations

update: 2020-11-08
disclaimer: we try to provide most accurate up to date information but this is no official, legally binding, information
ericeira.net is accepting bookings, check restrictions:
  • make sure no international travel restrictions or quarantine measurements for your return apply.
  • no compulsory quarantine for entry in mainland Portugal for CE + Shengen space citizens
  • facemask obligatory in public indoors
  • facemasks obligatory in public outdoors: "for access, movement or stay in public spaces and streets where physical distance recommended by health authorities proves impractical", except if "incompatible with the nature of the activities which persons are engaged in".
  • gathering of max. 5 persons (4 persons within 300m of schools)
  • no alcohol consumption in public, except licensed esplanades
  • Ericeira is part of the Mafra municipality. Mafra is one of the 121 municipality in Portugal, which are in emergency state and have strict CONFINEMENT rules until November 23rd, 2020
  • CONFINEMENT, workdays: 23h00 - 05h00
  • CONFINEMENT, weekend, bank holidays: 13h00 - 05h00
    • pet walk, near your home
    • go to work and back home
    • to leave in emergency situations
    • take a healthy walk, near your home
  • Restaurants are closed during the confinement period, supermarkets and groceries are open and you may go shopping there
  • keep 2m distance from others